Basic Training + Adolescent Course

The adolescent training includes the entire Basic MTS training course, and adds an additional module specific to using the MTS healing model with adolescents.


Sat, January 01, 2022

12:00 PM PST





This self-paced online training educates facilitators on how to lead a group of young people through the curriculum using the Mending the Soul Student Edition book. Tuition is $160 for new facilitators, discounted to $75 for current facilitators who have previously trained through an in-person or online course, and scholarships are available! All registrants will need to: -Connect to the course through a stable internet connection -Have the required course materials: Mending the Soul by Steven Tracy, Mending the Soul Workbook by Celestia Tracy, and Mending the Soul Student Edition by Steve and Celestia Tracy

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Basic Training + Adolescent Course

$160.00 (1 Attendee)

We welcome people with disabilities. For questions about accessibility or to request an accommodation, please contact us at

Current Facilitator - Basic Training Course + Adolescent Course

$75.00 (1 Attendee)

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